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Decarbonise your compute on Australia’s only ultra-low emission, high-performance public cloud, with next-gen GPUs.

Use cases

Supercloud is a flexible service and excels at supporting workloads such as AI, 3D rendering, and scientific computing.
Machine Learning

Train machine learning models and deploy to endpoints for inferencing with a single line of code.


Experience pure computational power with Supercloud. From fluid dynamic big data workflows to simulated models — its technology to help gain leadership.

Image Rendering

Render graphics quicker and more efficiently with cutting edge GPUs and ultra-fast RAM.


Derive accurate calibrations, interpret data and acquire different perspectives across multiple spectrums with ease.


Paving the path for a better future

Unparalleled power

Supercloud is the fastest and most powerful high-performance cloud in its class.

Process your compute-intensive workloads up to 20 times faster, with up to 400Gbps interconnect, backed by fast durable storage. Supercloud is designed for performance.

Security at the core

Supercloud is built on the most recent stable Linux kernel with the latest security patches.

Supercloud’s virtualised and containerised workloads provide the highest possible levels of security. Features include encryption at rest using dm-crypt with LUKS and advanced key management.

Sustainability means lower cost

We provide a simple, transparent pricing model that allows you to accurately predict your monthly spend.

Thanks to our efficiency edge, Supercloud’s prices are materially lower than AWS & Azure for most deployment options.

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