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        [Product Update] New Supercloud Image Library

        9th December, 2022
        The Supercloud Team

        We’re pleased to announce that the Supercloud Image Library has undergone a major upgrade. The new library is cleaner than it used to be with improved image naming and better automation to keep the images up to date.

        The library contains Supercloud-specific virtual machine images and base Linux and Windows images that are configured and optimised for deployment onto the Supercloud compute platform.

        The Supercloud Workstation Images (SWIs) have been rebranded and now have consistent names. You can find all of the Supercloud images in the dashboard under Compute -> Images.

        The details of each image can be seen by clicking on the image name in the dashboard. Here you will see the image specifications and other information that you might need. Images can be launched from the library using the “Launch” button.

        The Supercloud Deep Learning Image (Deep Learning SWI) is our flagship image for high-performance GPU-based machine learning workloads in either research or production environments. It includes Tensorflow and Pytorch for deep learning, and a suite of popular tools, such as Scikit-Learn and Jupyter, for data science and data preparation tasks. Launch this image to begin developing machine learning models without worrying about drivers, frameworks, and version compatibility issues.

        There is also a GPU base image (GPU Base SWI) in case you need the GPUs to be configured, but don’t require specific pre-installed frameworks. This image is ready to go with all the drivers and configurations needed to start using GPU compute on accelerated SCE instances. The GPU Base SWI is a good choice for running NGC docker images or for installing GPU-heavy applications for 3D rendering or photogrammetry.

        The image library also contains a selection of upstream Linux images. These images are automatically updated as new versions are released, so you can be sure that you always have access to the latest versions. Older versions are also available if you need them.

        The Supercloud Windows images can be launched and accessed through the dashboard, or, once running, can be accessed using any remote desktop (RDP) client for Windows. The Windows SWIs running on Supercloud SCE offer reliable environments for Windows-based applications. There are both desktop and Windows Server images available, which have been configured to support GPU-based instance types. These images offer a cost-effective solution for running high-performance GPU workloads for Windows but are also perfect for running general-purpose Windows applications.

        There are tutorials on how to use the images in the library, which step you through the process of launching instances and logging in. These tutorials are available to all Supercloud customers, and our team is here to support you with the image library or anything related to Supercloud.

        We’d love to hear from you and help you get started!

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