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        Sustainable Cloud Storage (SCS)™

        High-performance block and object backup storage services, sustainably delivered


        Supercloud’s scalable block and object storage features high-performance NVMe drives for frequently accessed data, networked up to 200gbps to SCE instances. Choose from SCS Object or SCS Block – with all NVMe hardware

        • [POWERFUL APIs]

          S3 API

          Supercloud is compatible with the AWS S3 API, making it easy to migrate from other clouds. Our S3 compatibility layer includes support for the Boto3 Python library to reduce code refactors.
        • [POWERFUL hardware]


          Our storage is backed by industry-leading hyperscale NVMe drives. Hardware features such as 176-layer NAND and PCIe Gen4 yield up to 1 million IOPS and 99.9999% read latency.
        • [highly available]


          Supercloud’s distributed storage platform delivers up to 15 9s of data durability and an uptime SLA of 99.95%. Our compute (SCE) is reliable and robust.
        • [FLEXIBLE SIZE]


          Supercloud is designed for unbounded scalability and is perfect for training large machine learning models, high-performance computing jobs and other compute/storage-intensive workloads.
        • [LOWER COST]


          Eliminate the unpleasant billing surprises that are common when running artificial intelligence workloads on other clouds. Our pricing model is simple, easy to predict, and low cost.
        • [HIGH BANDWIDTH]


          Our cloud nodes are connected with 100Gbps ethernet and 200Gbps infiniband, and are backed by the latest NVIDIA DPUs. Supercloud’s high-speed network is perfect for network-intensive workloads, including RDMA/HPC.

        Common to both SCS Block and Object is cutting edge NVMe performance, delivered over a network fabric of up to 200gbps

        • SCS Block
        • SCS Object
        Supercloud's SCS block product is a highly-scalable block-storage service. Easy to use and designed for use alongside the SCE compute platform, it is simple to deploy and utilises high-performance NVMe hardware to deliver high speed, reliable block storage
        Max Read/Write (MB/s)*
        Max Read/Write IOPS*
        Min Volume Size
        Max Volume Size
        6,800 / 5,600
        1,000,000 / 250,000
        AU (SOUTH 1)
        *Theoretical maximum performance per drive. Actual performance may differ.