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        [frequently asked questions]

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        • What can I do with Supercloud?

          Supercloud is Australia’s sovereign and secure GPU and AI cloud workloads that reduces your costs and your environmental impact. Supercloud allows you to quickly provision and manage virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters, storage, and more, using either a powerful CLI, API, GUI or via popular IaC tools.

        • How do I get started with Supercloud?

        • Which frameworks and packages come preinstalled on instances of the Supercloud Deep Learning Image?

        • Which operating systems does Supercloud support?

        • How do I launch an instance?

        • Is there a limit to the number of instances that I can run?

        • Which instance type should I use?

        • How do I shut down/delete an instance?

        • What happens to my data when an instance terminates?

        • Can I snapshot my instances?

        • How do I connect with SSH?

        • How do I upload & download data to my instances from my local machine?

        • How do I upload and download models and data to my instances from S3 or Google Cloud Storage?

        • How do I add storage to my instances?

        Get in touch with our team

        You can request access to Supercloud through our enquiry form here, or for further support please email